How to Get Rid of Wasps in Arizona

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How to Get Rid of Wasps in Arizona

Wasps are rampant in Phoenix, Arizona, because they love the warm temperatures. They are thirsty creatures that drink from swimming pools and standing water. If by chance your home has paper wasp nests, then you are in danger of a wasp sting.

Although you might shrug off a sting as painful, for some people it is deadly. Wasp venom is made from histamine, mast cell degranulating peptides, and dopamine, among other ingredients. The sting of a wasp can induce anaphylactic shock, which is deadly if not treated immediately.

If an individual is allergic to wasp, bee, or hornet venom, the body will respond by releasing massive amounts of histamine into the bloodstream. Histamines lower blood pressure quickly while also disrupting breathing. Anyone can die from a wasp sting, if they are stung enough times, because wasp venom accumulates in the bloodstream. A wasp can repeatedly sting until they have discharged all of the venom in their sacks.

The most dangerous part of a wasp sting is when a person is unaware of their allergy. In this case, they may not be carrying an epi-pen and therefore have no protection against anaphylactic shock.

These are the signs of anaphylactic shock:
– Swelling of eyes, lips, face, hands, etc.
– Difficulty breathing
– Feeling dizzy, faint and loss of blood pressure
– Immediately feeling nauseous or sick
– Itchy rash that is red and maybe raised
– A metallic taste in the mouth
– The feeling of impending doom

If even ONE of these symptoms are observed, call 911 immediately for an ambulance.

You do not have to be allergic to wasps to get sick from their stings. Wasps carry diseases also. They visit and rest on refuse piles just like flies. Wasps can spread E coli and salmonella.

If you have a paper wasp nest in your eaves, attic, or around your home, it is best to hire a professional pest control service to rid you of the nest. A nest is a potential death trap, as one nest can hold as many as 5,000 wasps. If the wasp does not starve to death in winter, they will continue to live and propagate in the nest. From one nest that is thriving, each queen can produce 25,000 offspring a season. It is best to remove the nests quickly as a wasp sting can happen quickly. Although wasps aren’t aggressive, they are certainly dangerous and the sting can be potentially life-threatening.

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