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Are termites destroying your home or building… without you knowing it?

Arizona’s Destructive Termites: Arizona’s subterranean termites enter your home or building through cracks in its foundation and tunnel their way to “choice” structures that they burrow into for food. They have an insatiable appetite for wood, drywall, and other materials containing cellulose. Colonies can exceed one million, and with enough time they will feed on the wood and drywall until nothing remains but a shell.

How To Detect Termites: Since termites can inflict massive destruction to the infrastructure of your building or home if not timely detected, do not take chances with the integrity of your structure – contact a professional for a thorough inspection.

Traditional Process of Killing Termites: Every reputable pest control company uses liquid Termidor™ to kill termites because it is the industry “gold standard”. It is effective, odorless, and environmentally safe. The application process is as follows:

* Multiple holes are drilled in your foundation and floors closest to the areas that termites have infested
* Termidor™ is injected into the holes
* The liquid saturates walls, floors, ceilings, and other infrastructure seeking the termites in those areas

Injection holes are not drilled directly into infested areas of walls or conspicuous areas of floors because they are very visible and cannot be seamlessly repaired. Probable results of saturating walls and floors to reach the target areas are warping and discoloration of wood and drywall.

Atomic’s Unique Process: Over the past five years and at considerable expense Atomic has uniquely transformed liquid Termidor™ into a dry, very light weight foam having the same kill power but without the adverse effects of liquid. The dry foam is highly desirable because:

* It is applied directly into the affected areas through minute holes that can be drilled anywhere and seamlessly repaired
* It does not behave like liquid, so discoloration and warping are not experienced as with traditional methods

The Best Termite Prevention is Detection and Treatment:
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Why Call Atomic Pest Control? Because detecting and killing termites is the only business of our Termite Division and our work is unconditionally guaranteed. We use the industry’s best product with the most advanced and least invasive process for maximum results. Learn why Arizona residents and commercial establishments call us when reliable and consistent pest control counts.

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