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Tick and Fleas

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Tick Information

Brown Dog Tick

Most common tick found in Arizona. Characteristics: usually flat, reddish-brown with tiny spots, and grow 1/8 inch long. Domestic dog is most common host; rarely cats or humans. Can produce 5000 eggs at a time. Commonly found year-round in warmer climate areas.


American Dog Tick

Most common tick found in the United States. Dogs are preferred as hosts but will readily feed on other animals. Carries Rocky Mountain spotted fever and is commonly involved with tick paralysis.


Cat Flea and Dog Flea

Fleas are wingless insects averaging 1/12-1/6 inches long. Long legs allow them to jump an average of 7-8 inches vertically and 14-16 inches horizontally. Fleas are common pests of humans and animals around the world, although most prefer non-human hosts. Most common flea encountered in the United States is the Cat Flea. Dog fleas are found on wild animals, rarely on domestic animals. Both species are hosts of dog tape worm, which is common in both cats and dogs.