Bed Bug Prevention Tips

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Bed Bug Prevention Tips

shutterstock_116404093 Some people say that, “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.” This may be true about some things, but people do not stop and think about what else may be found within those “treasures”. Bed bugs do not only come from traveling, but they can be lurking in places where newly acquired treasures come from:

  • Buying goods that have been returned to a store and are being sold as new.
  • Hand-me downs.
  • Garage and tag sales.
  • Flea markets.
  • Taking items left curbside for free.
  • Online and offline classifieds.
  • Mattress Outlets
  • Clothing Stores

If you bring things into your home that you have obtained through any of the above channels, make sure you check everything thoroughly before you take them inside. Another thing is to consider is that people get rid of things that may be infested with bed bugs; unsuspecting people pick them up and bring them into their homes.

When you throw away unwanted goods, knowing that they may be infested with bed bugs, you can deface the objects to make it unappealing to people that might bring home those items. Clearly mark items you are throwing away, so that it is clear they are infested. This at least gives the other party a fair warning, bottom line is that bed bugs are making their ways into the most unsuspected areas, the best prevention is being aware of bed bugs.