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Silverfish Control & Removal Service

As the Valley’s leading pest control company for decades, we have helped thousands of families and businesses remove unwanted pests from their home or business location, including silverfish. Contact us today for a Consultation.

Silverfish Information

Characteristics: 1/2 inch long, flat, insect with 3 long appendages at the rear of the body and silverfish scales. Silverfish can be found anywhere inside a home or building. Feed on proteins and carbohydrates: flour, dried meat, rolled oats, paper and even glue. They can live without food for approximately 1 year. Silverfish are sensitive to moisture and high humidity: they prefer to live in 70-80-degree temperatures. They run very fast and are most active at night in lower parts of a house or buildings or in attics. They are primarily a pest inside homes and buildings contaminating foods, damaging paper, wallpaper, clothing, curtains, book bindings… to name a few.