Field Mouse Removal and Prevention

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Field Mouse Removal Information

Field MousePhysical Characteristics:

• Grayish-brown colored with light colored underbellies, tail is longer than the body.
• Field mice are very small, and have sharp claws

• Field mice dwell in fields (of course), swamps, farms, marsh areas, plains, forest, and old rural homes.
• They are scavengers and will eat whatever they can find.
• These mice will use their fur coat for camouflage from their predators


• Field Mice are cousins to the rat.
• They are extremely intelligent; they fully assess a situation before going outside for food. Often times, their plans don’t outsmart their predator; normally they wont live to be 2 years.
• Field mice are among that quickest reproducers; females will often be pregnant every month; during this time, only the males go out in search for food.
• Baby field mice reach maturity within 3 weeks and start reproducing.