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Woodpecker Removal and Prevention

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Woodpecker Removal Information


There are approximately 22 species of woodpeckers in the United States. The Arizona woodpecker is found in mountains of New Mexico and Arizona. They inhibit oak, sycamores, and other woodlands in canyon areas.


• Woodpeckers are monogamous, mate for life. Females lay 3-4 eggs in a nest that may range 9-50 feet high- made of woodchips. Both females and males incubate the eggs until babies hatch approximately 14 days later.
• Most woodpeckers eat insects, nuts, seeds, vegetable matter, native berries, and some eat tree sap.
• They find their shelter in man-made structures such as fences, utility poles, wood buildings because woodpeckers rely on wood; this occurs in most areas where trees may be scarce.

Identifying Characteristics:

• Different woodpecker species may have different calls; most have rhythmic drumming pecking sequence to establish their territory and attract their mate.
• The Arizona woodpecker is small with a brown body, a white spotted belly; the face is white with a brown patch on its cheek. Males have a small red patch on its head; females do not have the red mark.