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Blackbird Removal and Prevention

As the Valley’s leading pest control company for decades, we have helped thousands of families and businesses remove unwanted pests from their home or business location, including blackbirds. Contact us today for a Consultation.

Blackbird Removal Information


    • Blackbirds are social birds that can live in colonies of more than 100 birds.
    • Females choose a nesting area in plants, lawns, buildings, golf courses, sage brush, fields, marsh, grasslands, and woodlands.
    • The female will build the open nest cup from plant materials, lined with dry grassy material, and use mud or manure to cement the nest together.
    • The blackbird’s eggs are varied in color and pattern to protect from predators. The female may lie up to 7 eggs at a time with the young hatching approximately 17 days.
    • These birds will eat almost anything; from seeds to insects, but have been known to eat small frogs, young ring-necked pheasants, and brewer’s sparrows.

Identifying Characteristics:

    • Males are glossy black with metallic greenish-blue and purple feathers on the body and yellowish eyes. Females are brown, darker on the tails and wings and have dark eyes.
    • Blackbirds have long legs, round head, and body with a thick long beak.
    • Their long legs give them a stop-go kind of walk, making its head jerking like a chicken’s head.