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Phoenix Pigeon Removal Information

Pigeon and Bird Removal For Phoenix pigeon removal services, call Atomic Pest Control. While pigeons seem harmless at first glance, they create a health hazard and destroy property though their nesting habits. Most of the risk and property damage occurs around the areas they nest. Typically, pigeons will find holes in walls and eves and build a small nest. Unfortunately, bird feces accumulate everywhere they roost roofs, fences, patios, outdoor furniture, and fixtures – no place is safe. In addition to being disgusting, bird feces will ruin every surface on which it accumulates because of the acidic content. If you need help with your Phoenix pigeon problem, give Atomic Pest Control a call.


The pigeon was introduced to the United States as a domesticated bird from the European Rock Dove. Many of the birds escaped and began forming into wild populations. Today, the pigeon is the most severe bird pest to the human population.


• Pigeons stick together in large cities and may be seen congregating in flocks of hundreds on tall buildings. Smaller groups will take over a roof or two of a home, ledges, lofts, attics, drain spouts, and caves.

• These birds do not construct a nest as other birds would. Instead, they gather twigs, sticks, and grasses and clump them together to form a platform like nest.

• Feed on garbage, grain, and any other source of food that people may or may not intend to give them.

• Pigeons are monogamous- they have one mate for life. The male will care for and guard the female and the nest. Young will hatch 18 days later and will leave the nest at 4-6 weeks of age.

Identifying Characteristics:

Typically, pigeons have grayish to black bodies with a whitish behind, two distinguishing black bands on the wings, and a broad black band on the tail. The head is usually a darker gray color with greenish-purple metallic coloring. A pigeon can weigh as much as 13 oz. and average length is 11 inches. The only bird that the pigeon can be confused with is the mourning dove, but the main distinguishing features is the tail; the mourning dove has a pointed tail, and the pigeon has a fanned tail.