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Cockroach Information

American Cockroach 

American Roach Most known as “the sewer cockroach” Characteristics: Reddish-brown with a yellow or very light brown border. Largest species of common cockroaches found in Arizona. Both male and female American cockroaches have wings, but seldom fly. They reside in dark, moist areas in basements, crawl spaces, floor drains, and sewers. Feed on paper products, starches, sweets, clothing, and decaying organic matter; but can survive without food for up to 3 months.


German Cockroach 

German Cockroach Characteristics: Dark reddish-brown 1/2-5/8 inch long distinguished by 2 dark stripes on the head. Most common cockroach found in homes, apartments, restaurants, and hotels. Attracted to fermented foods and beverages; if they have water, they can live without food for approximately 1 month. German cockroach is the most persistent and difficult species to manage.


Brown- Banded Cockroach

Characteristics: Brownish-red and grow to be ½ inch long, distinguished by 2 light horizontal bands across its back. Found in homes, hotels, restaurants, on high walls, behind picture frames, furniture, and in light fixtures. Prefer to feed on starchy materials but will eat mostly anything. Both males and females have wings; the male will fly if disturbed. They are frequently transported in furniture and will spread very rapidly.


Oriental Cockroach

Characteristics: 3/4 – 1 ¼ inches long; nearly black, greasy looking body. Oriental roaches are found all over the U.S. Oriental roaches can be found in buildings, damp basements and ground level storage. Feed on filth: garbage and decaying organic matter



Characteristics: Often confused with the oriental cockroach. Males grow 1/2 – 7/8 inches long, are brownish-yellow and have wings. Females grow 3/4 – 1 inch long, dark brown to black bodies. Is found mostly in semi-desert areas but may also live-in moist areas. Can dwell inside or outside of homes and buildings. Turkistan’s are common in sewer systems.