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Bermuda grass is one of the most destructive plants in Arizona. Once it grows into crops, fields, lawns, and gardens; it is almost impossible to clear out. Bermudagrass is one of the major causes and source of hay fever in the state. It is the most common summer lawn grass used in southern Arizona, but it cannot handle the freezing climates, shade, but will tolerate even the driest drought. In Arizona, Bermudagrass begins flowering in flowering from mid-May until November, just before it gets cold.


Burroweed is a serious range pest that grows on dry, desert roadsides, waste areas, mesas, grassland, and slope located on the eastern part of Arizona. Burroweed is a worthless forging plant mainly due to overgrazing or drought. It is not normally eaten by animals due to the condition of burrowed but in major droughts, animals may be forced to eat the weed causing poisoning in the livestock.

Climbing Milkweed

Climbing milkweed is a weed that grows prominently in arid areas and is problematic in ranches. The Climbing milkweed will climb up trees, fences, and ditches to find its way through gardens and lawns. In Arizona, climbing milkweed is spotted throughout southern and central region in washes and arroyos. This weed begins flowering and growing at the beginning of April and will continue through October, but the seedpods living till November.