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Pill Bugs

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Pill Bug Information

Sow bugs and pill bugs are more closely related to shrimp and crawfish because they breathe through gills and they need moist areas to survive. There are many names that people refer these bugs too: rollie-pollies, and doodle bugs. They feed on dead leaves and vegetation on the ground. They prefer the outdoors but will settle anywhere where it is dark and damp; in homes they may be found in crawl spaces, potted plants, and basements. When the common pill bugs are disturbed, they form themselves into a tight ball; they can form into a ball because they lack small appendages that the dooryard sow bugs have in the front end of the body. The dooryard sow bugs are very similar looking like the common pill bug; however, they have small appendages in the front of the body that do not allow them to roll into a ball when they are disturbed. The other distinguishing characteristic is that the dooryard pill bug has two small tail-like appendages at the abdomen. Usually when there is a large population of these critters found inside the home, it indicates that there is a large population outside the home or building.