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Flour Beetle

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Pantry Pest Information

Indian Meal-Moth

Characteristics: Grow to be approximately 1/2 inch long. They can be distinguished by their reddish-brown almost copper like bottom half of their wings; the rest of the moth is a pale grey color. They feed on a variety of foods, but they prefer coarse forms of flour. The larvae will be found eating grains, cereals, nuts, powdered milk, and dried fruits. Foods will often have webbing near the surface of the food that is being infested. Indian meal moths may produce 6-8 generations per year.

Red and Confused Flour Beetle

Characteristics: Reddish-brown and may grow to be approximately 3mm long. Confused flour beetles are primarily found in the northern states. Feeds on a variety of foods, but are major pests in: flour, cereal, peas, beans, spices, and dried fruits. They have the ability to make their way through covered and sealed containers leaving infested foods with a foul odor.

Saw -Toothed Grain Beetle

Characteristics: Small brownish beetle that grows to be 3mm long. It can be identified by six tiny spikes on the side of its body, just behind its head (thorax). Found in breakfast cereals, flour, dried fruits, chocolate, and dried meats.