House Mouse

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House mice… not exactly rodents that anyone likes to share their home with, but unfortunately, they seem to be everywhere. Mice are curious little creatures, if something has changed position or is out of place, they will explore it and adjust their travel routes accordingly. House mice can be identified by their small slender bodies, weighing between 1/2 -1 oz. as an adult. Their ears are large, tail is as long as its body; they are usually dark grey on the back and light on the belly, but can be other colors as well: black, light brownish-grey, and even albino.

They prefer to keep their nests in dark, out-of-the-way areas with lots of nesting bits and pieces to keep comfy. Mice have been sharing our living spaces for over 100 years, but that is not the only thing that they share. Mice are known to share diseases and parasites and these pesky rodents are not easy to get rid of. Did you know that an average adult mouse can squeeze through an opening ¼ inch or larger to enter a building?