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As the Valley’s leading pest control company for decades, we have helped thousands of families and businesses remove unwanted pests from their home or business location, including weeds. Contact us today for a Consultation.

Are Ugly Weeds Turning Your Landscaping into an Eyesore?

Try as you might to control weeds, they seem to constantly invade desert landscaping and lawns. In short order the result can be an area full of ugly weeds instead of the beautiful landscape you want and removing them can be very expensive.

Weed Control

There are typically three ways to control weeds:

Self Help: Excellent products and spreaders are available if this is how you want to enjoy the great outdoors in your spare time… particularly in the summer months. Since weed control is never ending… well, you know.

Traditional Landscape Maintenance Services: These services are best known as “blow and go” providers with an emphasis on daily volume. In addition to raking, mowing, and trimming they will spread some type of “weed killer” as requested. Generally, their knowledge of weeds and weed removal is rather limited so the weeds continue to return… and return, and return…

Atomic’s Weed Division: Our Weed Division consists of experts dedicated exclusively to weed removal and your total satisfaction is guaranteed. The manufacturers whose products we use train our Weed Specialists on the latest technology and products to ensure maximum results are achieved. These products are the industries finest, most effective, and environmentally friendly.

Atomic’s Method: A team of Weed Specialists will design and implement your treatment plan that also minimizes on-going landscape maintenance costs and includes the following:

* Pre-emergent product is typically applied bi-annually to prevent weed and unwanted grass seeds from germinating
* Post-emergent product is applied “as-needed” to kill the root systems of established weeds and unwanted grasses

Whether your Weed concerns are residential, apartments, commercial buildings, or golf courses, call the weed experts at Atomic Pest Control.
when reliability and consistency are important.

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