Bed Bugs vs. Bat Bugs

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Bed Bugs Versus Bat Bugs

Common Bed Bug Similarities
There are many species of bed bugs that occur in the United States. Many bed bug species have other hosts other than humans; however, they all feed on blood.  All bed bug species are confused with the common bed bug and most differences can only be identified under a microscope. They all have small, flat, rounded bodies with stubby, nonfunctional wing-pads. All of them have small beak-like mouth parts that are used for piercing-sucking blood. Adults are 1/4 – 3/8 inches long and appear to be reddish-brown. Bed bugs seek dark, narrow, tight, protected areas that are found close to their host. They can also be found in mattresses, furniture, picture frames, and other wall hangings. When they are hungry, they will go and find a host to get blood from, usually when the host is sleeping. Although the bite may not be felt, the reaction to the proteins in the bug saliva may cause a person to have allergic reactions.
Bat Bug Differences
Bat bugs and the common bed bug appear to have very similar physical characteristics to the naked eye; however, under a microscope, bat bugs appear to have longer hairs that are longer than the width of their eyes. Bat bug infestations occur when bats establish themselves in attics, walls, chimneys, and other parts of the home by clinging to the fur of the bats. Parasites of bats; will bite humans if bats are not present. To effectively control bat bugs, bats must be removed from the premises. It has been reported that the bite of a bat bug is far worse than that of a common bed bug.