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Atomic Pest Control is best know for their customer service. Taking care of all our customers are our first priority. If you are looking for a reliable pest control company, residential or commercial, look no further.

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Atomic Pest Control
Average rating:  
 212 reviews
by Sherri on Atomic Pest Control
Excellent Service

Atomic Pest Control is an amazing company. Their results have been the best! Despite living in the desert, I've not seen a single "critter" inside my home. My tech always has a great attitude. Thank you!

by Mick on Atomic Pest Control
Great Service!

I live in a 110 year-old, wood framed house in a historic district of Mesa, and seeing evidence of termites is disconcerting to say the least. I want to thank the person responsible for quickly setting up the inspection appointment, Kevin for performing the initial inspection and providing me with options, and Rex for the very thorough termite treatment he performed. Kevin answered all my questions and Rex was efficient and meticulous. All representatives of APC were friendly and great representatives.

by Mary Thompson on Atomic Pest Control
Very Happy!

We are extremely pleased with the service from Atomic Pest. We are having no pest issues since they have been servicing our property and Jameson is very pleasant and professional.

by Christine on Atomic Pest Control
Atomic Pest Control

Atomic Pest Control is a top notched Business!! All the employees who have come to my house are courteous and professional. I have had the Weed Control with Jameson, to the Termite and Bee issue with Rex and Monthly Service with Alloie. All are punctual and an absolute joy to deal with. I recommend Atomic Pest Control to my friends and Family. AA++

by Valerie Ciszek on Atomic Pest Control

Jonathan M. is very personable and great at his job. I always look forward to seeing him. He is the best tech. I have ever had. Thanks Jonathan

by Tony on Atomic Pest Control
Thanks a bunch

Thanks a bunch Jonathan M the service was impeccable and had a great attitude

by Olin on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan's a great guy!

Jonathan M. has been our BEST "bug guy" for many years . He does a great job and we always enjoy seeing him each month.

by Denise Hardcastle on Atomic Pest Control
Awesome service!

We appreciate the care everyone at Atomic Pest Control takes to make sure our home is protected from pests! Thank you to everyone from the office staff to the technician who treats our home. Awesome service!

by Robert Pruett on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan Metzger

Scorpions are a particularly distasteful desert scourge. I've attended a fateful trip or two to the hospital due to their presence in my home. I tried nearly every home remedy I could find with no relief until I worked with Jonathan at Atomic Pest Control. He destroyed the invaders like a spirit of vengeance. I call him The Punisher and I would recommend him to anyone!

by Sandra G. Smith on Atomic Pest Control
Great deal

Thank you Jonathan, what I paid to what I got is mind blowing.

by Joseph D. Everly on Atomic Pest Control
Thank you

I don't know where we'd be now without Jonathan, thank you thank you thank you

by James S. Smith on Atomic Pest Control
Fantastic service

Personal thanks to Jonathan Metzger, I hate spiders.

by Eva M. Thomson on Atomic Pest Control
Great company

I can't recommend Jonathan enough

by Jacquelyn on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan metzger

Jonathan was very personable and easy to relate to. He made me feel at ease, I will definatelt recommend this company to friends and family.

by Sahmantha R on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan Metzger

Jonathan Metzger completes a superior job on pest control needs. He arrives timely, provides a detail assessment of what needs to be completed. He has great customer service skills and is very professional meanwhile ensuring that the customer never feels left in the dark or like you have been talked down to. He is very honest and dependable. if you ever are in need of quality and skill be sure to request Jonathan Metzger.

by Ryan on Atomic Pest Control
Customer Service

I met with a fella by the name of Jonathan Metzger? Spelling? Very informative individual. He helped explain why i was having the ongoing issues ive been having AND gave me a great estimate. If the rest of the service team is as cordial and smart as Mr. Metzger im sure ill be more than satisfied with the service after ive exhausted my other options.

by Paul on Atomic Pest Control
You can't go wrong

Seeing the results Jonathan produced, I'm convinced you can't go wrong.

by Nick on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan Metzger

Professional service

by Phil on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan Metzger

Give this man a beer, he earned it.

by Woody on Atomic Pest Control
Highly recommended

Interacting with Mr. Metzger has been amazing. My previous exterminators were about as useful as a stuffed bear.

by Dave on Atomic Pest Control

Jonathan's been serving my brother and he is top tier. And ladies, he's single!

by E.Glass on Atomic Pest Control
A+ residential service

Service has been stellar, and Jonathan Metzger left a positive impression on me.

by Oak F on Atomic Pest Control
Not the best, but good for the price

The only reason I'm giving 5 stars is Jonathan. Otherwise I'd give it about a 3.

by Todd on Atomic Pest Control
The best

Great company, great service, and if you want the best, ask for Jonathan Metzger by name.

by Zander Buel on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan Metzger is Always Reliable With Beekeeping

Jonathan Metzger has always done a great job of keeping my property clear of pests. He's an asset to anyone who hires him. His customer service is invaluable.

by Rumiko Takahashi on Atomic Pest Control
For great control

I am native Japanese who traveled to live in Arizona for 3 months time. On the first day I had problem with rats and friends recommended Atomic Pest Control. Mr. Jonhathan Metzger shows up and very professional I had no more problems the rest of the time. Made my time so much better and I am looking forward to returning next year again.


怖かったけどAtomic Pest ControlのMetzgerさんが一発治ったから何時までもお勧めします。

ほんとに感謝しました ( ´ー`)フゥー...

by Michael Honey on Atomic Pest Control

I don't normally write reviews but Jonathan Metzger went above and beyond what I would expect from a pest control person, not only was he thorough but he explained every step of the process.

by Jake on Atomic Pest Control
Living up to the name

Nothing short of an atomic blast could have removed the pest situation my household had been dealing with for over a year. A personal thanks to Jonathan Metzger, you did your job well.

by Steven on Atomic Pest Control
Fast service

Super happy with Atomic Pest. Your worker Jonathan fixed our rodent problem like he was getting rid of the black death. If you want great service, call Atomic! We will again

by K Brannon on Atomic Pest Control
Jon M

Jonathan has taken care of our familys pest control needs for years. Always friendly, polite and punctual. We've followed him from Zap to Atomic and still 100% satisfied

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  1. Ernie Russell

    Matt has been our pest guy for years at our house and at our 3 Rim Country Real Estate offices and he is the BEST!!!
    We have tried other pest control companies but none have been as good as the way Matt doe’s his job.
    Service is what we want and pay for and Matt delivers every time!
    If you want a professional get Matt to be you guy!

  2. Jan Schmalzer

    Matt has been our tech for some years. We consider him part of our family. He does a great job,we are happy to have him as our tech in Payson,Az

  3. Al Schmalzer

    I feel the same as my wife. Matt is allways ready to help answering questions I have regarding pest service.

  4. Matt is just such a nice person and he’s very attentive to what the customer wants and needs. I always feel very confident after he’s been here. Thank you, Matt!!

  5. Yvette

    Matt has been our tech for the last 3 1/2 years. He has alway been most helpful and friendly whenever we see him. He is very efficient and most importantly keeps the “pest” outside! One day I called because I had a little snake in the house. I called Matt and he was willing to come out to catch it for me. Now that is service! Thanks Matt and the staff at Atomic Pest Control.

  6. Mary-Alice Mustacci

    I am very pleased with the service I receive from Atomic Pest Control. Our technician, Matt A., is great. Matt is very professional and efficient. He handles special requests concerning both our animals and garden and the pests. We are very satisfied with our Atomic Pest Control experience and that is really al to Matt’s credit.

  7. Matt is my go to man for killing bugs in Payson. I appreciate the knowledge and honesty that Matt provides, in my opinion he goes above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks Atomic Pest Control for Matt.

  8. Matt does a great job, glad to have him keep our home pest free!

  9. I have been working with Atomic Pest Control out of Pine, AZ since 2005. It has been a very positive experience and I recommend them for all my clients. I also use them for my own personal home exterminating and have found great service and helpful advice from Matt. He recently helped me mitigate a termite problem at my house that could have gotten really difficult to eradicate. He has always been really professional and I am glad that he is servicing my clients too.

    I also have been so greatly serviced by Brian and Diane. That team has been the best for my clients on all my inspections. I have never had any issues that have come back on my clients or my firm because of any inspections and some have been quite storied. This team in Pine is the best and I recommend them to everyone.

    Thanks Atomic!!

  10. Anonymous

    Very pleased with the service from Matt.
    Friendly yet professional.
    Had used Orkin in previous state, but glad previous owner
    recommended Atomic.

  11. Ginger Jeffers

    So many times, Brian & Diane Boers, in Pine, Arizona, have performed pest control service for me and my clients, always with a terrific attitude, even when they are given short notice.
    A big “thank you” to both of them – a great team!!

  12. James

    Rex was very thorough during our termite treatment. He explained everything and told us what to expect. We will definitely use Atomic pest control again.

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