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Scorpions in Phoenix

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Scorpion Information

Arizona Bark Scorpions

There are many species of scorpions that are found in the state of Arizona. There is, however, one species of scorpion in the United States that is classified as potentially deadly; and it is very common throughout the state. There are two main distinguishing factors to identifying a bark scorpion:

1)     It is the only scorpion in Maricopa County that climbs. It can climb pretty much any surface, except for clean glass and clean plastic.

2)     Bark scorpions curls its tail and lays it flat against its body. This allows them to squeeze into tiny narrow cracks. This scorpion can enter homes and buildings through a crack that is equivalent to the width of a credit card.


Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion

The giant desert hairy scorpion is the largest scorpion found in Northern America, growing up to 6 inches long. This scorpion is a brownish scorpion with yellow legs and pinchers. They do have a long tail with a bulb-like poison gland. The venom is considered mild and has little effect on most humans, but their sting is painful; although common pet species, they are often aggressive and sting frequently. It gets its name by the brown hairs that cover the body. The hairs help the scorpion detect air and ground vibrations. All scorpions have bad eyesight, good sense of hearing, and touch. The giant desert hairy scorpion can be found in the desert regions of Arizona and California. They are most active at night and wait to attack their prey. Rocks are used to keep cool in the hot desert sun.