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Earwig Control & Removal Service

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Earwig Information

Characteristics: easily distinguished by the small pincers at the end of the insect’s abdomen. They are nocturnal, and usually hide under wood, rocks, stones, and debris during the daytime. Scavengers on dead animals and plants, although some are known to feed on live plants. There are very few species of earwigs that have wings and can fly long distances. Most earwigs are transported by potted plants and other plant materials. Most common species found in the United States:



European Earwig: 

Reddish-brown species that grows to be approximately 5/8 inches long 

Common pest in homes across the United States 

Attacks varies foods, plants, and animals

Males and females have wings but rarely fly and are poor flyers

Ring-legged Earwig:

Dark brown almost black with yellowish legs and pinchers. Can be distinguished by 1 or 2 cross bands.

Grows to be approximately 1/2 inch long.

Most commonly found inside protected areas such as greenhouses, feeding on plants and plant materials.

Striped Earwig:

Brownish colored distinguished by light bands across its back and grows to be approximately 1 inch long.

Troublesome pest in Southern states; when it is disturbed or squished, it produces a strong odor.

Can be found near buildings and subdivisions where land is cleared for new buildings.