Phoenix Three Most Common Pests, and How You Can Beat Them

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Phoenix Three Most Common Pests, and How You Can Beat Them

Anyone not a stranger to the hot weather of Phoenix knows that being a homeowner comes with more than its share of issues caused by pests and varmints. From termites to rats, local nature never ceases its efforts to eat you out of both house and home.

Although there is no shortage of quality exterminators to be hired, there are times when a homeowner has issues too small for an exterminator, but too big to be ignored. There are three main pests that cause these type of troubles. Although it can seem like a never-ending task to keep them at bay, there are three effective ways which the average Joe or Jane can take effective pest control into their own hands.

1: Termites

These little devils can eat away at every wood structure you own, never giving you a hint of their presence until that fateful moment when you put your foot down to find that your wooden floor is a bit softer than you remember it the first time you walked it.
Your Solution

If you are already truly infested, the only viable way forward is to hire a trained exterminator. Often however, the whole situation can be avoided with preventative maintenance. Termites love wood. If you have excess wet or rotting wood near your home, this could very well be the object attracting pests to the foundation of your home. Your first step should be to clear out the rotting plywood from your crawlspace before they move on to the structural foundation of your home.

2: Ants

Given the hot climate, ants are as sure as death or taxes. There are few things more agitating than to wake up early, only to find that the banana and apples you left out for your morning meal have already been made breakfast for a hundred tiny insects.

Your Solution

Thankfully there is no shortage of repellents and traps designed with ants in mind, and investing in a few is sure to save more hassle than the cost. More importantly, a clean living space is the bane of any colony. So wipe the counters, do the dishes, and enjoy your ant free lifestyle.

Bed Bugs

No one can function without good sleep, and one of Phoenix’ main enemies of a good night sleep is beg bugs. Being prevalent all year, prevention is key.

Your Solution

To state the obvious, wash your sheets. Few things can withstand the hot waters and soap of your homes washing machine. If the problem persists, there are pastes which can be applied to bedposts to kill them before they reach your pillow.

Of course, none of these tips and tricks can replace the knowledge and skill of a professional exterminator, so if your problems persist beyond a week or begin become more severe despite your efforts, it is always in your best interest to address the problem as soon as possible to minimize the cost and damage.

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