Understanding Bed Bugs and How Infestations Occur

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Understanding Bed Bugs and How Infestations Occur

Bed bugs are considered parasitic insects and human blood is their food of choice. They are a common problem in Arizona homes, even those that are kept meticulously clean. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to understand how infestations begin and how to detect the presence of these irksome insects.

How Bed Bug Problems Develop

Bed bugs are exceptionally skilled at hitching rides to new areas without being noticed. Unfortunately, one fertile female or even a small number of eggs can quickly lead to a major problem. For this reason, those who frequently travel are at an especially high risk for accidentally transporting these parasitic insects into their dwelling.

Even youngsters can inadvertently transport bed bugs or their eggs into the home on their clothes after a field trip or an overnight visit to the home of a friend where an undetected bed bug problem exists. Not surprisingly, such insects prefer areas where constant streams of humans come and go on a continuous basis. Bed bugs also enjoy areas where there is plenty of clutter under which to hide.

Detecting Infestations 

Uncovering an infestation can be a challenging endeavor. This is because bed bugs typically scatter under bright light. Waiting quietly for half an hour with the lights turned out and then quickly lifting covers and shining a flashlight on questionable areas can be a quick and easy way to locate an infestation. The insects are oval-shaped, brown, and feature very slender bodies.

Eliminating Bed Bug Infestations

After it has been determined that an infestation is underway, several steps should be taken to successfully address the problem. The homeowner should begin by vacuuming all surfaces in the area where the bed bugs were found, including the bed itself. Every piece of furniture in the room should be removed and thoroughly scrubbed, and the bed must be disassembled and treated with an effective insecticide. Cleaning the bed frame with boron is also a good way to eliminate bed bugs.

However, anything other than a mild infestation should be turned over to an experienced exterminator. This is because bed bugs in the Phoenix, Arizona area can be particularly resilient to insecticides available to the general public. Additionally, once bed bugs are detected, they often simply flee to another room in the home and return to the original site at a later time. Therefore, calling a professional pest control company is the best way to make sure such insects are permanently eliminated from one’s dwelling.

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