Little Known Facts About Bed Bugs

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Little Known Facts About Bed Bugs

Many Phoenix homeowners are unaware of the fact that bedbugs are the fastest-growing pest emergency in the United States. Twenty percent of homeowners either have this unwelcome guest or know someone who is facing this problem. Below are some other little known facts about bed bugs:

Bed Bugs Prefer Human Blood

Unlike mosquitoes that thrive on virtually any type of blood, bedbugs prefer the blood of humans. They are only approximately the size of an apple seed once fully grown, and therefore immature bedbugs are almost impossible to see. Nevertheless, young bedbugs can still deliver painful bites.

Colony Size

Although it may seem like only a few scattered bugs of this type have taken up residence in your home, there are actually thousands of bugs in a colony. If you see a few, rest assured there are many more tucked just out of view.

Bedbugs Have Favorite Colors

Recently, The Journal of Medical Entomology reported that bedbugs have favorite colors. The researchers who conducted the study have stated that these findings could lead to the development of better trapping systems in the future. Interestingly, these irksome insects prefer black and red, but typically avoid colors such as green and yellow. However, if an infestation is underway, getting rid of red or black bedsheets in lieu of those featuring lighter colors will not rid your home of the problem.

Identifying Bed Bugs

In order to identify bed bugs, it is important to know their favorite hiding places. The latter include tiny cracks and crevices in baseboards and walls, underneath peeling wallpaper and paint, behind light switches and of course, in bed linens, bed frames and furniture.

When to Call a Professional

It is possible to eradicate bedbugs by using steam treatments, as such insects die instantly when exposed to temperatures of 115°F or higher. However, to be effective, the steam must come in direct contact with the insects, which presents a challenge if the bugs are living inside your mattress. Additional techniques include sealing up the crevices and cracks where such insects typically hide. This ultimately cuts down the number of locations in which they can produce eggs.

If you think there is a bedbug infestation underway in your home, or you have seen even one of these insects in your bedroom or other area of your dwelling, it is best to contact a Phoenix pest control professional to properly evaluate the situation. Although you may be tempted to try to get rid of bedbugs using do-it-yourself techniques, this often becomes a regrettable decision. Only an experienced exterminator has the formulas and equipment to ensure that all bedbugs are eradicated from your home. If you suspect such insects have taken up residence in your dwelling, call a professional today.

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