Keep Spiders Out Of Your Tempe AZ Home This Summer

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Keep Spiders Out Of Your Tempe AZ Home This Summer

Living in Arizona has many perks, but unfortunately, the beautiful climate makes the perfect home for many varieties of spiders. Whether you have a fear of spiders, or they are simply annoying pests that you’d like to get rid of, you can make your home less welcoming to them. Spiders are beneficial to the environment, and they are necessary to control the insect population, but you don’t have to let them take over your living area.

While it would be difficult to keep your home totally spider-free, there are ways to keep them from invading your home. For instance, take a look at the outside of your home for starters. Do you have piles of rocks, wood or debris lining your property? Spiders love to hide and make webs in undisturbed areas, so clean up areas with yard debris and unused outdoor furniture. Just make sure to wear gloves and long sleeves for protection against spider bites.

Consider your landscaping too. Some spiders like to make their homes near water, especially in the desert. If you have a water feature, ensure that it’s maintained regularly to keep the spider and insect population down. Shrubs, bushes and ornamental plants should be planted with plenty of room between your house and the yard.

Another great way to keep the spiders outside is by sealing up any cracks in your foundation or around windows and doors. Make sure your screens and windows close correctly and are in good condition. Do a visual inspection inside your home where pipes, vents and electrical wiring enter your home’s structure and fill in the gaps where pests are entering the house.

Keeping your interior clean is important since spiders thrive when they’re left alone. Clean up piles of clothing, boxes and papers. Vacuum and dust corners, closets and under the furniture regularly and knock down any spiderwebs right away. If you still have a spider problem, then contact our professional exterminators to remove these unwelcome pests for good.

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