How to Get Rid of Dangerous Spiders From Arizona Homes or Businesses

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How to Get Rid of Dangerous Spiders From Arizona Homes or Businesses

Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale have year-round warm weather, leading to a lot of spider activity. It isn’t always easy to recognize an arachnid species, and some spiders are venomous. A sting or bite from a venomous spider can make you ill, and in some cases, it can lead to death. Fortunately, the knowledgeable exterminators at Atomic Pest Control are able to identify arachnids by looking at the spiders’ webs, body size and identifying marks. Some of the arachnid species that thrive in Arizona include:

• Wolf spider
• Tarantula
• Jumping spider
• Giant crab spider
• Black widow spider
• Brown recluse spider

Spiders often lurk in hidden locations where you can’t see the pests, and you might receive a sting while walking barefoot on carpets or while relaxing in bed.

Spider Control Requires Specialized Extermination Methods

A bite from a spider is often lethal for a child who is crawling on the floor and unable to recognize a dangerous arachnid. While some types of spiders are harmless and beneficial, if you have a huge infestation of arachnids, then it is essential to eradicate the pests. However, trying to find the nests of spiders on your own isn’t safe, and spraying harsh pesticides in the arachnids’ nesting areas can make the situation worse. Spiders breed rapidly, and each new generation is more resistant to the chemicals in household pesticides. In addition, the arachnids that survive are often more aggressive and willing to attack a human rather than scurrying away to hide.

Exterminators Look For Nesting Locations To Eradicate All of the Spiders

Since the 1980s, Atomic Pest Control has provided commercial and residential services to eradicate various spider species in Arizona. We know how to look for nesting locations in hidden spaces that are inside or outside a building. Our exterminators can track down and find where a particular species of spiders is hiding so that we can use safe methods to eliminate the arachnids. Some spider species will live in hidden areas of a building such as between walls or in ductwork, but other arachnids will enter from outside a building on a daily basis.

Contact Atomic Pest Control Today For an Inspection

Atomic Pest Control exterminators will inspect inside and outside a building to find trouble spots where spiders often live. Some spider species in Arizona will look for moisture, and you might have arachnids living near a leaking plumbing fixture. Other arachnids look for dry areas to build a web, including in piles of wood that are stacked next to a building. Call Atomic Phoenix Spider Pest Control today at 520-298-7821 for routine or emergency spider problems that occur in businesses and homes.

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