How to Get Rid of Flying Termites

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How to Get Rid of Flying Termites

The first thing you must do when trying to eliminate flying termites is to block their entrances. This will only lead to more damage as these insects love to live in mud tubes. If you can’t block the entrances to your home, you must destroy the entire colony so that they don’t re-infest your house. If you don’t find them at the entrances, you should contact a pest control company for professional help.

Besides using insecticides and pesticides, you can also use bug zappers to electrocute flying termites. These devices work by coating the exterior of the insects with electricity and causing them to die. You can also sprinkle boric acid around your home, making sure to avoid any areas that have water. The odor from the acid will serve as a warning to the flying termites and they will attack your house.

Identifying the type of flying termites you have is important because it will make sure you treat the right pesticide. In addition, it will ensure that you won’t attract new colonies of the insects. Once you have identified the species of flying termites, you can decide on an effective treatment for them. It is best to use an insecticide that is designed to kill any termite that might re-infest your home.

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