How Scorpions, Bees, and Rodents Can be Hazardous to Your Health

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How Scorpions, Bees, and Rodents Can be Hazardous to Your Health

The best way for Arizona property owners to maintain a safe and comfortable home is through effective pest control. Although many people believe that rodents and insects in their home are merely a source of irritation, this is not true. Some pests are poisonous and can place residents of the home and their pets in danger. This is why professional exterminating services should be sought at once if you discover an infestation. Below are several pests that are not only aggravating, but may also be hazardous to humans and animals.


Not only somewhat frightening to encounter, scorpions can deliver painful bites that may even be life-threatening. They also pose a danger to cats or dogs who may attempt to chase them or play with them and subsequently get bit. The Arizona desert is full of scorpions which can easily make their way to residential communities. If you notice even one scorpion in your house, whether it is dead or alive, you should assume a problem is underway. Most products on today’s market are not strong enough to eliminate scorpions from your home. Rather, the majority of formulas available are classified as “barrier” products designed to stop these pests from entering your house. Nevertheless, many cross these barriers with no problem and eventually an infestation occurs. For this reason, an exterminator should be called immediately if you see even one scorpion.


Most Arizona bees are regarded by experts as Africanized and if provoked, can be extremely dangerous. They are territorial by nature and never hesitate to swarm when threatened. They deliver very painful bites and are especially dangerous to those with bee venom allergies. Hives that are formed in plain sight can sometimes be eliminated with over-the-counter sprays. However, a high number of bees on your property or a full-fledged infestation is a job for a professional exterminator. We are a top rated Bee Removal company in Phoenix, AZ


Many people cringe at the sight of rodents, but are unaware that such pests pose a health risk. Rats carry germs and bacteria that can be harmful to humans and pets. During summertime, mice and rats are particularly troublesome in Arizona. They are attracted to almost any type of food and chew extensively to reach edible refuse. They invade homes, apartments and yards, and are sometimes even found in commercial buildings. Because they can live off crumbs and garbage, they settle in quickly and proliferate at a substantial rate. Rat poison is available, but formulas have been changed over the years due to the banning of certain pesticides and in most cases it is difficult to find an over-the-counter remedy to effectively eliminate rats from your home.

It is never wise to attempt to handle a serious pest infestation without the assistance of an expert. The best course of action is to get in touch with a reputable exterminator who can eliminate unwanted insects and rodents from your home once and for all.

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