How Rats Can Cause Problems for the Homeowners in Phoenix

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How Rats Can Cause Problems for the Homeowners in Phoenix

Rats can frighten a homeowner in Phoenix because the rodents are much larger than other pests such as cockroaches. We can help you to control the problem, but you should also use precautions. You should store your food in sealed containers and should close the doors for each room, which will help to control problems in your kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. If you can begin a process for confining the rats to a limited area in your home, then you can control the risks of damage to your carpets, towels and drapes.

Health Concerns

Your toothbrush should be stored in a drawer or cabinet. A rat will crawl through the walls, under your home and in the attic. That rat could touch your toothbrush. Those germs could cause a serious illness, which may affect your job performance. You may be forced to stay at home and recuperate while you are also trying to track those rats. If you hear a scratching noise in a wall or in the attic, then you have probably heard one of the rats that is trying to burrow into a new area.

Food Contamination

Food and beverages should be stored in sealed containers. Rats can chew through plastic but cannot chew through glass or metal. You should control the access to water because the rats will go to the rooms that have a source of food and water. Open bags of potato chips, home delivered paleo meals, soft drinks in glasses and candy in bowls will attract the rats. You should not touch the rats and can use a broom and a small, plastic trash basket to try to trap a rat.

Entry Portals

The rats could be coming into your home through a hole in the attic, in the basement, open AC unit vents or in one of the outside walls. When you see a rat, you should search that room for tiny holes in the walls, floor and ceiling. If you block the holes, then you could stop more rats from coming into your home. The rodents hide in concealed places such as under furniture. The rats can also chew into the mattress on your bed and can hide inside the mattress.


We can inspect your home and can use methods that will eventually get rid of the roof rats, but some of those rats can continue to cause problems until our methods have stopped the problem. While you are in your home, you should be safeguarding your food and should close the doors in each room, which will help to control the larger rats. We will continue to inspect your home and will rely on your help for information about the rooms where the rats have been causing a problem.

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