4 Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs When You Travel Frequently

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4 Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs When You Travel Frequently

Frequent travel might be an important part of your job, or you might like taking a lot of vacations just for fun. No matter why you might travel a lot, you could worry about the possibility of bringing bed bugs home. This is a legitimate concern, but following these tips can help you keep your home and yourself safe from these obnoxious creatures.

1. Watch Out for Bed Bugs

Learn how to watch out for the signs of bed bugs and their eggs. Then, carefully check over your hotel room each time that you travel. This can help you enjoy a more comfortable stay for yourself, and it can help you avoid bringing these pests home with you when you leave, too.

2. Keep Your Stuff in Your Suitcase

If you tend to unpack your clothing into the hotel room dresser or if you like to lay your clothing out on the bed, you might want to reconsider your strategy. Although it might feel nice to make yourself at home while you’re traveling, this puts you at a greater risk of bringing home bed bugs on your clothing. Instead, consider keeping your items in your suitcase when you aren’t using or wearing them. If possible, keep your suitcase

3. Clean Everything Thoroughly

When you come home from your trips, make sure that you clean everything thoroughly. Consider using a garment steamer to steam your clothing and your suitcase, or vacuum your suitcase thoroughly. It’s not a bad idea to wash all of your clothing and then dry it on high heat if possible, since this helps with killing bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

4. Work With a Pest Control Professional

If you travel a lot and you are afraid that you have brought bed bugs home, or if you just want to fight against household pests, work with a pest control company. At Atomic Pest Control, we can help you prevent and fight pest control issues in and around your home.

Bed bugs in Phoenix can be a serious issue, and you might be prone to bringing them home from your travels if you aren’t careful. Luckily, following the tips above will help.

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