3 Ant Prevention Tips

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3 Ant Prevention Tips

Few creatures are more pesky and persistent than ants. Arizona is home to roughly 10 different species of this insect. Homeowners encountering these tiny pests often share the same desire, to get rid of them.

Atomic Pest Control, which provides insect and rodent elimination services to the people of the Flagstaff, Payson and Phoenix regions, shares insights and tips geared towards ridding one’s home or office of ants and ensuring the critters do not return.

Problems Associated With Ants

Not only are the numerous types of Arizona’s ant breeds annoying and sometimes difficult to eliminate, said creatures could pose other potentially significant problems. Certain species are capable of causing extensive and costly property damage. Other could inflict pain-inducing bites or stings. Regardless of the havoc they can wreak, the site of them should prompt immediate and decisive action.

Prevention Tips

Fortunately, adhering to the following tips might prove effective in killing ants and preventing any return visits:

Eliminate Food Sources

Like any other creature, ants must and often love to eat. Said critters can detect food sources from significant distances. Therefore, home and business owners must be vigilant in ensuring all food sources are removed. Pantries, kitchens or any other locations food is stored should be kept clean. Food not placed in the refrigerator should be sealed tightly. Most of all, trash should be securely fastened and removed regularly.

Limit Access Points

Being that ants are small creatures, they can find numerous ways of entering a home or office environment. Uncropped trees and shrubs often prove to be a clear pathway. However, the biggest culprits are typically unfixed cracks or crevices in places, like foundations and other structures.

Reduce Water Sources

Many might not realize that ants are attracted to moisture and excessive wetness, such as, that produced by leaking pipes or poorly ventilated areas could prove troublesome. Therefore, any precipitating issues should be remediated and home or building owners should continually be on the lookout for such concerns.

Contacting Us

Those who experience ants or any other pests problem are urged to reach out to us. Additional information about our pest control company and the pest control services we perform are available at https://atomicpestcontrol.com/.

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