How to Tell If You Have a Pest Problem in Tempe, AZ?

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How to Tell If You Have a Pest Problem in Tempe, AZ?

Pest infestation isn’t just a nuisance for homeowners – it can also be stressful, expensive, and even hazardous to your health. The damage that pests do can cost you hundreds of dollars. Whether it is bees, cockroaches, mice, or bed bugs, any kind of pest invasion can cause serious problems for you. That is why it is important for homeowners to be able to identify a pest problem. Here are six tell-tale signs of a pest invasion.

1. Nesting. Bigger critters tend to create nesting areas that are visible to the human eye. You should be able to spot signs of a nesting area for rats pretty easily, for instance. Smaller critters will be much more difficult to spot.

2. Strange Smells. Sometimes it is hard to tell if your home reeks, but the best way to find out is to invite somebody over and ask them how it smells. If your home smells musty or oily, this could be a sign that pests are hiding inside.

3. Critter Noises. Sounds of squeaking or scurrying is an obvious tell that something else is living in the house. Insects will be more difficult to hear because they are so small. If you really want to listen for pests, turn off all the noises in your home for a few hours to know what you can hear.

4. Holes or Markings. Holes and chewing marks are usually signs of gnawing. Pests like to create burrows and areas where they can easily move around. Check for holes or markings around floorboards, walls, corners, and wooded areas. Also be sure to check your furniture for signs of damage. Termites are especially notorious when it comes to causing damage.

5. Outdoor Damage.

You shouldn’t just check the interior of your house for pests. These critters will also leave evidence in your own yard. If you have damaged plants or patches of lawn, this could be a sign of infestation. Your grass should look brown and uneven. Once you’ve checked your lawn, look at electrical wires, plants, pipes and garbage bags for damage.

6. Droppings. While most pests are careful about how they move around, they aren’t necessarily careful about the evidence they leave behind. You can do online searches to learn what dropping for certain animals looks like. For instance, rodent feces tends to appear to be raisin-like pellets.

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