Why You Should Remove Pesky Pigeons from Your Phoenix Home

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Why You Should Remove Pesky Pigeons from Your Phoenix Home

There are several types of birds that you should watch out for around your property. First, feral pigeons (not the domesticated ones can act as homing birds) can be come a big nuisance if left to roost. Pigeons are usually grey in color, and they tend to congregate in flocks, which is why they can be so troublesome. Once you have one pigeon, you’re going to have a ton of pigeons in no time at all.

Next, starlings can also become a nuisance bird. These birds are incredibly noisy and can even mimic sounds, such as car alarms. They tend to travel in flocks, as well. Starlings like to nest in cavities, including trees and walls.

Blackbirds may need removal, too, as they like to live in colonies that can contain over 100 birds! They like to nest just about anywhere, so your property likely gives them lots of good options.

Why Remove Pigeons and Birds?

Bird removal is done for the same reason that you remove any other pest, such as bugs or cockroaches: They are a nuisance that creates an unhealthy or unsafe living environment for you and your family.

In fact, birds can cause a lot of damage you your home. For example, they will nest in the roof, chimney, or other areas and bring in materials for their nest that could be fire hazards. These nests can also can cause structural damage—if a nest is too heavy for a gutter, for instance, and causes it to fall. These nests can also attract other pests, such as ticks or parasites.

Bird droppings are also very hazardous. Their droppings contain uric acid, which can wear away the paint on your home or on your car (if a bird builds a nest over a tree next to your driveway). Additionally, bird droppings can make humans sick, as they also contain histoplasmosis.

Do You Hurt the Pigeons or Birds By Removing Them?

No, we never hurt or cause any harm to bird when we remove them from your property. Mostly, we install prevention measures that keep them away like netting and spikes. We also can trap them safely without causing harm to them.

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