When to Call a Termite Control Company

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When to Call a Termite Control Company

Termites are a major pest problem in many neighborhoods. Fortunately, you can find out whether your home is affected by the termite problem by using a simple inspection. The first sign that you may have an infestation is hollow wood. Wood fences can also be a source of problems. Having termites in your home can result in an unhealthy environment. If you hear noises coming from your walls, it may be rats or mice.

Termites are elusive creatures that can go undetected for many years. They can hide behind obstructions and feed on wood without your knowledge. If you don’t have a professional looking at the wood, it’s difficult to confirm that you’ve been infested. Even the most experienced inspectors can miss a few signs, so it’s crucial that you call a professional like Atomic Pest Control.

Another sign that your home may have termite problems is the presence of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can carry diseases such as West Nile and Zika. It can also affect your home’s structure and can cause respiratory problems for your family, especially if you have asthma. A termite inspection will determine whether there is an infestation of these insects, and what kind of treatment is needed.

If you need Termite Control in Phoenix AZ contact our termite experts in Atomic Pest Control for help.

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