What’s Wrong With Pigeons?

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What’s Wrong With Pigeons?

Pigeon removal is a crucial service in Phoenix, Arizona. Because of our climate, pigeons can quickly become a health hazard. To keep both people and property safe, removing these birds is essential.

What’s Wrong With Pigeons?
Pigeons may not seem like a dangerous problem. Since they are frequently found in cities all over the country, their familiarity can be misinterpreted as harmless. Pigeons cause both property damage and health issues.

Pigeon nests are frequently built in gutters, drains, and roofs. When a pigeon builds their nest on somebody’s roof, the structural integrity can be put at risk. If nests are found in the gutters, flooding can happen. Pigeon infestations can lead to fires from extremely flammable nests in addition to disease.

What Types of Diseases Can Pigeons Cause?
Pigeons can lead to a variety of different diseases. Many of these diseases originate from pigeon droppings and can pose serious health risks.

Pigeon diseases:

Symptoms of these diseases include fever, headache, muscle ache, dry cough and even pneumonia. If a person breathes in the fungus, histoplasmosis, they can experience infection. This can cause fatigue and chest pain. Pigeon diseases can be serious for both children and adults.

Why Else Are Pigeons Dangerous?
If pigeons have nested inside a house, they may breed. Since pigeons can breed at any time of the year, no season is off-limits.

Pigeon infestations are unsafe for houses and offices. Just because you don’t live with the pigeons, doesn’t mean they can’t do harm. For those in office buildings, pigeon infestations can cause a dirty atmosphere that can be hazardous to both employees and customers. Infestations are more likely to cause disease because the percentage of acidic droppings is higher. Before infestations ruin a house or office, professional pigeon removal is recommended.

Pigeon Control
A pigeon control service knows how to handle these birds. With over 60 types of pigeon diseases, professionals are equipped to deal with infestations and nesting issues. Technicians are trained to remove birds in several different ways and will first assess the area to decide which method works best.

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