What’s Creeping in Your Phoenix, AZ Pantry?

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What’s Creeping in Your Phoenix, AZ Pantry?

Living in Phoenix, occasionally seeing bugs in your home can become a normal part of life. While most of the time these may not bother you, that can change when they begin to show up in your pantry. At Atomic Pest Control, this is one of the areas our customers voice the most concern about because nobody wants bugs in their food. Moths, rice weevils, flour beetles, grain beetles, cockroaches, and ants are all pests that we hear about most frequently, although there are many more that can be creeping in your pantry.

So, what can you do to stop those pests from ruining your morning breakfast cereal? We can help! Our tips below can help you get rid of pantry pests in Phoenix, AZ throughout the year. Try these out to see how easy it can be to kick pests to the curb.

1. Clean the Pantry

To start, you’ll want to take all the food out of your pantry and clean up any crumbs, chips, or other debris that may have fallen. A vacuum with a small hose attachment will help this go quickly, although you should also wipe down surfaces to completely remove all dust.

2. Invest in Seals

There are many ways you can seal your food to prevent pests from getting into bags or boxes. The first is to invest in airtight containers that store all dry foods, from pancake mixes to cereal. For bags of snacks, it’s recommended to invest in different sizes of bag seals that cover the opening completely. Although this will cost you out of pocket, these remove the temptations that cause pests to come into your pantry in the first place. What’s even better is that these will keep your food fresh for longer by keeping the air out.

3. Call a Professional

While the tips above can help, sometimes professional pest control solutions are necessary. Fortunately, our team of pest control experts in Phoenix, AZ can help you with any type of pantry pests you’re dealing with. They can remove these and prevent them from coming back so you never have to worry about bugs in your food again.

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