What Happens to Phoenix, Arizona Pests in the Winter?

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What Happens to Phoenix, Arizona Pests in the Winter?

While it’s true that the winters in Arizona aren’t brutally cold like they are in the Midwest and Northeast, there is a difference in the temperatures and climate. These changes have an impact on all the living things in the Phoenix area including the pests that bother us throughout the year.
If you hope that these changes will kill them off and take them out of your life, that is not the case.
Winter has different impacts on the various pests that are part of our everyday lives throughout the rest of the year.


If you’re a homeowner in the Phoenix area, you know all about termites. These nasty bugs may be small, but they can do a number on your home.
While it may be a little cooler in Arizona in the winter, the temperatures do not drop low enough to kill off these pests. The mild nature of our winters, plus the natural warmth of your home can provide a fertile area for these bugs to begin an infestation.
The team at Atomic Pest Control can help folks in the Phoenix area destroy termites before they become a serious problem for your home.


Many people probably associate scorpions with the blazing hot heat of the Arizona summers.
Unfortunately, these pests don’t just disappear when it gets a little cooler. The colder temperatures often lead scorpions in search of a warmer place to spend their time. This often means that they look to take shelter in your home.
If you are noticing scorpions in your home, don’t wait around to get stung. Contact the team at Atomic Pest Control to take care of them for you.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are incredibly resilient. Nothing about the colder temperatures will faze them at all. The cold may cause them to burrow deeper into your mattress.
Because they can survive such extreme temperature differences, the only solution may be letting professionals, like the ones at Atomic Pest Control, handle them for you.

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