What Do Termites Look Like?

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What Do Termites Look Like?

The most common termite species are worker and swarmers. While they are both small and similar in appearance, worker termites are the most common. They are the only type of termite that digests wood and other cellulose materials. Usually, they leave no signs of damage, and their large jaws and brown heads are hard to miss. They live in colonies, and the most important role of a worker is to lay eggs.

Termites have three distinct castes. The worker termite is white, with a light or dark brown head, and the soldier is a black or light brown insect, measuring from one-fourth to three-eighths of an inch. Reproductive termites are black or light brown, and are the ones who reproduce to make new termites. The queen and king of a colony are the only members of the colony that are dark brown, and are approximately 3/8 inches long.

Termites belong to the worker caste, and they make up the bulk of termite colonies. They are not part of the reproductive caste, and are smaller than their counterparts. Younger workers take care of the young, while older ones build a nest, tunnels, and food. The swarms of worker termites are known as the swarm. The swarms consist of workers and soldier termites.

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