What Do Termites Eat?

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What Do Termites Eat?

Termites eat wood to survive and thrive, and the reason they prefer wood is because of the polysaccharide cellulose. This substance is found in many things, including cotton fibers in cloth and the feces of herbivores. While the cellulose in wood is a great source of energy for humans, it is particularly important for termites. These insects are extremely organized and are extremely persistent when it comes to their quest for food.

Termites feed on wood and other organic materials containing cellulose. These materials contain cellulose, which is the main building material in plants and trees. This cellulose is also present in some industrially processed wood. As such, many people are shocked to find that termites are eating books, cardboard, and cotton. Luckily, the cellulose content in these materials is not harmful to human health, and you can reduce the risk of developing an infestation by keeping these materials out of your home.

Other types of wood that are resistant to termite attack include teak, redwood, and oakwood. Although these are hardwoods, these species are not resistant to termite attacks. If you have noticed tiny holes in your wood, chances are you’ve got drywood termites. You may also find carpenter ants in your home. The last thing you want is a colony full of pests.

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