What All Phoenix Homeowners Need to Know About Scorpions

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What All Phoenix Homeowners Need to Know About Scorpions

Pest problems come in all shapes and sizes. The residents of Arizona have many to stay watchful for, and one especially concerning is the scorpion. The sting of the Arizona Bark Scorpion can cause health issues for anyone but is particularly dangerous for those with allergies and children. Here are a few other facts that homeowners should know.

Make Food Unavailable

Scorpions do not seek out homes to enter and are more likely to find shelter in the yard. The pest will come into a house, however, if there are ample food sources for them and an easy way to enter the structure. Cracks and holes in the exterior of the home make it simple for the pest to get inside. Regularly inspect the exterior of the house and make repairs when damage appears.

Keep other pest populations under control to avoid encouraging scorpions. The diet of the average scorpion includes small insects like ants, spiders, and grasshoppers as well as small rodents and lizards. Homeowners that see a lot of spiderwebs in their home and yard should consider themselves at risk of scorpions too.

Eliminate When Seen

Most scorpion species prefer isolation from others and will cannibalize each other if they make contact. An exception is when the area offers enough food for all the pests. Arizona Bark Scorpions differ from other species in that they may live comfortably in the same area with others of their species. Female Arizona Bark Spiders can produce up to 39 offspring at once that will spread across the property and begin breeding once they reach maturity.

Protect Property Value

Scorpions do not cause damage to homes like other pests, but they can still affect the value when it is time for a homeowner to sell their property. State law in Arizona requires sellers to list on their disclosure statement any scorpion infestation on the property. A failure to note the existence of the pests could cause legal concerns.

Scorpions may only arrive at a location because of another pest infestation. Luckily, pest removal services can eradicate any current infestation and provide a monthly control service to keep scorpions away. Call immediately for help if scorpions are spotted or schedule an inspection to find out if any are on the property.

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