Various Methods of Termite Control

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Various Methods of Termite Control

If you have a home or building, you should learn about the various methods of termite control. This article will discuss chemical treatments, physical barriers, Diatomaceous earth, and baits. There are many other ways of termite control as well, so make sure to learn all about them before you call a service. If you’re considering buying a home or building, you may also want to consider pretreatment.

Diatomaceous earth

When you use Diatomaceous Earth for termite control, you should ensure that you follow all safety guidelines, including identifying areas that are prone to termite infestations. Because different areas are prone to having termites, you should try to locate these areas first. After that, you can apply small amounts in crevices and corners of your home. You can also use a spray bottle to get DE behind baseboards, piping, and wires.

Termite baits

Termite baits are used to prevent and eliminate termites. These products contain cellulose and a slow-acting insecticide, which cause termites to die in a matter of weeks, usually while they molt. Termite baits that delay action are preferred because they reduce the risk of other termites avoiding the product and enhance the transmission of the lethal ingredient to other termites in the nest. These products are effective in eliminating entire colonies, although this approach is not always necessary for structural protection.

Chemical treatments

If you’re concerned about termites in your home, you can choose from a variety of chemical treatments. Termiticides are applied to the wooden furniture that’s infested with termites and they can last anywhere from a few months to a few years. Some chemical treatments can also make you sick and may be unsuitable for use in homes with children and pets. To avoid these risks, read about the benefits of termiticides for termite control.

Physical barriers

One option for termite control is installing physical barriers. These barriers are made by digging a trench around the perimeter of a building, about 300mm deep, and wide enough to expose the footings. Chemical compounds are mixed into the water and applied to the soil. Termites cannot penetrate the barrier because the openings are too small. Also, it makes the property more susceptible to attacks from white ants. To install a barrier, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare the soil beneath the property before applying the chemical.


Termiticides are a common method of pest control. Termites are insects that attack wood and timber structures and cause extensive damage. Traditional termite control involves injecting liquid termiticide into the soil, creating a barrier of toxic chemicals that prevent termites from entering homes and wood structures. Nonrepellent termiticides are gaining popularity as alternatives to liquid termiticides.

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