Two of the Most Dangerous Pests in Arizona and How to Prevent Them

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Two of the Most Dangerous Pests in Arizona and How to Prevent Them

Phoenix Arizona was known as one of the buggiest cities in the U.S. back in 2015. Due to being the buggiest, Phoenix also has some of the best pest control companies in the industry. Before diving into what pest control are best in the area, it is best to know what kind of pests you will be facing in Phoenix. While some pests are but a mere nuisance, there are quite a few that could be dangerous if you encounter them.

One dangerous creature Arizona itself is known for is the Gila monster. The Gila is the only lizard known to be venomous in the U.S. While it is a species under protection, that doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself from it as well. These brightly colored lizards are rarely encountered though have been known to defend themselves with a venomous bite if they feel threatened. They are slow and feed on ground animals such as newborn rodents.

Second on the list are rattlesnakes. Being a desert state, rattle snakes are the most encountered dangerous pests. With fifteen different species of rattlesnakes in the area, the ones that are most stumbled upon are the Sidewinder, Black-tailed and the popular Western Diamond-backed. People assume that all rattle snakes will give a warning by shaking the rattle of their tail before striking; however most young rattle snakes don’t develop their rattle until about three weeks. This makes it even more difficult to notice if there is danger in your yard.

To protect your home it is best to eliminate their food source, which would be rodents or any small animals. Remove any bird feeders as it will attract the pests to the birds and rodents that feed from it. Solid walls may be built to prevent these lizards and snakes from entering your yard. The bottom of the wall should sink in the ground with no tunnels under it. While the wall is not 100% foolproof, it will keep the majority of the snakes and lizards out of your yard.

While these two pests are not the only encountered pests, they are the most dangerous. If you encounter any other pests such as but not limited to bed bugs, scorpions, and spiders, contact the Atomic Pest Control.

You should never attempt to remove pests yourself, let the professionals handle it. Our techniques are not only effective but also environmentally conscious. From bugs and rodents to bees and birds, our company will help you take back your home from pests. Our extermination services are guaranteed to the satisfaction of their customers.

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