Top 4 Signs of Pigeon Infestation (in Arizona)

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Top 4 Signs of Pigeon Infestation (in Arizona)

When homeowners in Arizona think about pest problems, they typically consider smaller vermin such as insects and rodents. While pigeons are normally considered a public nuisance, they can also become a threat of infestation to your home. These birds not only damage property, but they can also carry harmful diseases. Let’s take a look at some signs of a pigeon infestation to give homeowners a better idea of when its time to call a professional.

An abnormal amount of birds surrounding your home.

Birds are everywhere in neighborhoods. They frequently nest in your trees, in your bushes, and even sometimes in your chimney. While it sounds difficult to determine when the number of pigeons around your home goes from a normal to an unhealthy amount, the transition is usually apparent to homeowners. If you start to notice more and more pigeons around your property, it might be a sign of an infestation.

Cries from baby pigeons.

Chirps and cries from chicks are telltale signs that pigeons have converted some portion of your property into a home. While one nest in your tree might not be an issue, other pigeons might get too comfortable and start using your gutters, chimney, pipes, and other openings in your home to build nests. It’s best to tackle the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

The presence of nesting materials.

Like most birds, pigeons are scrappy when it comes to building nests for their young. They love to use sticks, twigs, straw, and other natural items laying around. However, they’re used to living in cities and suburbs, so human trash isn’t off-limits. Straws, plastic wrappers, and other trash aren’t uncommon materials for pigeons to use. If you start seeing nesting materials throughout your yard, on your roof, or in your garden, there might be pigeons building nests nearby.

Concentrated droppings.

Birds poop all over the place. It’s not something new, and homeowners shouldn’t be concerned with a few splats here and there. However, concentrated and continuous droppings might a sign of a pigeon infestation. Be sure to contact our pigeon pest control professionals to help get rid of the problem efficiently and safely.

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