Top 3 Phoenix AZ Pest Problems That Require a Professional

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Top 3 Phoenix AZ Pest Problems That Require a Professional

If you are like most Arizona homeowners, you know that pest control is an aspect of daily life that cannot be ignored. Regardless of how meticulously you keep your home, it is almost impossible to live in Phoenix or surrounding areas and not have to deal with uninvited house guests from time to time. Below are some of the most troublesome pests you may encounter in this area of the country:

Bees – Bee Removal Phoenix

Bees can result in both structural damage to your home and harm to its residents. When disturbed, such insects swarm and deliver painful bites, which are particularly dangerous to those who are allergic to bee venom. Bees are not as difficult to eliminate as some pests, and helpful products are available on today’s market to kill such insects and destroy the hives at which they live. Nevertheless, a high number of bees or a full-fledged infestation is not a do-it-yourself task. Only professional exterminators are qualified to deal with significant infestations. Otherwise, you are risking harm to yourself or other residents of your home.

Scorpions – How to Get Rid of Scorpions in Phoenix, AZ?

Not only a nuisance, Scorpions can also inflict dangerous and painful bites on you and other members of your household, as well as your family pets. The Arizona desert is full of such creatures, some of which eventually make their way to residential areas, and ultimately gain access to homes. If you see even one scorpion inside your home, alive or dead, it is safe to assume a problem is underway: if one pest of this type has found a pathway into your dwelling, it means that others are able to do so as well. Most scorpion products on today’s market are simply not strong enough to eliminate these creatures from your property, and therefore you should always call a professional exterminator at once if you discover a problem.

Bed Bugs – Bed Bug Exterminators Phoenix

Bed bugs are another type of pest that not only create a source of aggravation to you as a homeowner, but are also potentially dangerous. Unlike scorpions, they seldom poison people with their bites, but they can certainly spread germs and disease to you and members of your household. Unfortunately, the presence of bed bugs in Arizona homes are on the increase. You are probably aware of the fact that once an infestation of this type is discovered, you should replace your current mattress or have it professionally cleaned, and scrub the surrounding area, including the bed frame with bleach. Large infestations, however, require the assistance of an expert, and are difficult to eliminate on your own.

Never try to take matters into your own hands if you discover a serious pest infestation of any kind. This is because it is unlikely that you have the skill or equipment to effectively deal with such a problem. Instead, get in touch with a pest control company who can send qualified experts to your home to eliminate any type of pest problem you have uncovered.

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