The Dangers of Termites in Arizona

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The Dangers of Termites in Arizona

While termites may not pose a threat to humans, an infestation does spell big problems for the structural integrity of your home. For many American, their home is their pride and joy and they do not want anything bad to happen to it. Keep reading to get all the information you need about the danger that termites pose and how you can safeguard your house against them.

What do These Pests Do?

Termites eat away at the wood that your house is built from. They tend to subsist on dead plant matter, and prefer more fibrous ones. They will also eat materials such as plastic or drywall, so no part of your home is safe from these creatures. The waste product of their consumption is a resulting dust that can irritate asthma and cause other respiratory illnesses, especially when paired with the dry climate of Arizona.

How Do I Guard Against Termites?

Termites are attracted to soft, moist wood, so you want to be sure that all air vents in your home are dry and clean. In a similar vein, you do not want to leave pools of water or let moisture collect near the foundations of your house. You also do not want to store scrap wood against an exterior wall.You will also want to have a professional come out about once a year and inspect your foundations for spots here they might gain entry or weak points in your structure’s stability.

When Should I Call Pest Control?

Whether you know for certain that you have a termite infestation or you only think you do, you must call a professional service around Arizona to come help you out. Termites are not a problem that can be fixed on your own. If during one of your annual inspection they find a problem with the structural integrity of your home, you need to get these taken care of. Remember to keep it dry and you should not have a problem.

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