The Dangers of House Mice

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The Dangers of House Mice

House mice are everywhere and while no one wants to share their home with this rodent, they often have other plans. Mice come inside homes searching for a good place to make their nest and, of course, food. Mice are very curious and travel quickly throughout the house, so often without detection.

The house mouse is small with a slender, dark gray body with a light gray belly. They weigh between ½ – 1 oz. with tails as long as their bodies and oversized ears. Some house mice are slightly smaller or larger and can be albino, black, or light gray in color.

The Dangers of House Mice

Mice make a mess wherever they go, giving no consideration to the money they cost homeowners when they eat their food or nibble into electronic appliance cords. They also leave behind a foul odor indicative of the rodent’s presence.

Most concerning, house mice carry disease that can be transmitted to humans via feces the rodent leaves scattered in the home. Hantavirus is an airborne disease that mice transmit through fecal matter, urine, and saliva. Mice also carry LCM, a disease that can cause brain damage in an unborn baby, and Salmonella, which may occur after a mouse comes into contact with food.

How to Rid House Mice From Your Home

Treating a mouse infestation takes a combination of expertise and the right products. You must seal up holes that mice enter the home through before completing other steps, which sometimes poses a challenge since mice can fit through entry points as small as ¼” in size.

Scheduling rodent control service with a professional Scottsdale pest control company ensures complete mouse elimination in a timely, cost-effective manner. They’ll seal up entry points and provide rodent control service that keeps your home pest-free all year long.

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