Spot The Signs Of A Termite Infestation In Your Scottsdale AZ Home

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Spot The Signs Of A Termite Infestation In Your Scottsdale AZ Home

If your home hasn’t been inspected for termites, it’s a good idea to put it at the top of your home maintenance list for this spring season. Termites have the ability to live and breed in a number of places in your home for years without your knowledge. They can destroy the structure of your home and leave you with thousands of dollars in damage, so it’s important to look for signs of an infestation on your property.

Check For These Signs Of Termites In Your Home

There are a number of clues that termites leave behind that are easy to spot, while others are not so easy. For instance, decayed wood, piles of dead termites, casings and termite waste are easily recognizable when you find them in your house. There are other things to look for that are not as obvious. Peeling paint, windows that stick and floors that creaks can mean termite trouble. Each of these is a sign that the wood is rotting due to the infestation of termites.

Look For Evidence Of Termites Outside Too

Termites often access your home from the backyard and surrounding property. If you notice mud tubes around your foundation, it’s likely you have a termite problem. You may notice that your patio furniture and woodpiles have evidence of termite damage. These pests love mulch and moisture, and they will gladly take residence when offered the perfect environment. You may also see swarms of flying termites around your windows or in the backyard.

Why You Should Contact A Termite Exterminator

Even if you don’t see any signs of termites, you can give yourself peace of mind knowing your home is protected from these damaging invaders. Getting a termite inspection is a win-win situation that will allow you options for termite removal in case you do have them.

Call our friendly Scottsdale, AZ termite and pest control professionals today for service that will make your home termite-free.

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