The Dangers of Termites in Your Arizona Home

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The Dangers of Termites in Your Arizona Home

It’s common for Arizona homeowners to be struck with fear when they hear the word “termites”. However, not everyone immediately tackles the infestation because they think the problem will resolve itself. Unfortunately, this can result in major damage that takes a lot of time and money to resolve. At Atomic Pest Control, we want to help by sharing some of the biggest dangers termites present to your home. By understanding these, you’ll see why it’s so important to have them removed immediately.

1. Large Numbers Eating Pounds of Wood

Even mild termite infestations can result in tens of thousands of termites feeding on the walls of your home. For infestations that are worse, this could mean hundreds of thousands termites present. While tiny in size, in large numbers they can eat several pounds of wood within a year.

2. Unstable Structure

In situations where infestations are not noticed for years, such as with homes that have been abandoned, termites can eat so much wood that the structure becomes unstable. This can present danger when walking or even with something as simple as hanging a picture. In extreme situations, this has even resulted in the partial collapse of homes, which can leave homeowners without a place to live.

3. Damage to Furniture

When termites make their way into your Phoenix home, they can begin to eat into your furniture and even household cabinets. Surprisingly, they can eat through an entire piece in just a few years. If you notice any signs around your dining room table, chairs, or other pieces of furniture, don’t take it lightly.

4. Exposure to Fungus

As these tiny insects eat through wood, they leave behind a fungus that looks much like black mold. While unsightly, this is incredibly dangerous because it can release spores into the air. These particular spores are dangerous and can cause extreme allergies, coughing, runny nose, and more. The more termites you have, the more fungus you’ll find on your flooring, walls, and other areas around the house.

5. Risk of Dermatitis

Termites can sometimes sting pets and cause dermatitis, which results in inflammation, discomfort, and pain. While not all pets are allergic, it’s best to take yours to the vet if you notice they’re uncomfortable after contact with termites.

Effective Termite Removal

Termites have become a growing problem for residents in Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, and other areas throughout Arizona. It’s for this reason that any suspicions you have should be met by a thorough termite inspection. At Atomic Pest Control, we can confidently say that the best defense is professional treatment. Experts like ours create customized strategies for each household in order to eliminate termite infestations as quickly as possible.

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