Preventing Termite Infestations in Mesa Arizona

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Preventing Termite Infestations in Mesa Arizona

The Termite is one of the most prolific pests in Arizona. Of the many species of termites, the four most common species to encounter in your home are the:

  • Desert Subterranean Termite
  • Arid Subterranean Termite
  • Western Drywood Termite
  • Desert Dampwood Termite

No matter the species, termites will devastate your home. Not to mention that they’ll cost you an enormous amount of money in repairs. The best method to take care of termites, bar none, is prevention. Below are just a few recommended steps to keep away these natural homewreckers.

Perform Yearly Inspections

Having a professional exterminator come to your home once a year will keep you aware of any looming infestations. In Phoenix and Arizona as a whole, Termites are more of an eventuality instead of a possibility.

Remove As Many Cracks From The Exterior Of Your Home As Posible

Termites prefer to live in dark places that are filled with moisture. What this means is that cracks in your house may become ideal homes for termites if left exposed to the elements. This is doubly true for open spots such as damaged shingles. Damaged roof shingles left in the rain will become damp enough for termites to make their way into your home.

Discard Any Spare Wood Around The House

Having any kind of spare wood around your house is just as good as inviting termites into your home. If there is any organic wood in close proximity to the house, remove it by composting it, or taking to a sight that will recycle it. Another option is to use it as compost. Composting will break the wood down so termites are unable to live in it.

Keep Moisture Away From The House

As said, Termites love moisture. Many different items such as your air condition unit or your sprinkler system will create patches of moisture ideal for termites. Make sure to keep both your AC moisture release and your sprinkler systems pointed away from your home.

In Conclusion

Keeping a vigilant eye for infestations will go along way towards keeping your home termite free. Of course, one’s vigilance as a home owner can only go so far. Atomic Pest Control’s Termite Division sole duty is to not only detect but to kill termites before infestations ever become a problem.

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