The Importance of an Annual Termites Inspection in Arizona

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The Importance of an Annual Termites Inspection in Arizona

Termites cause problems throughout Arizona, especially in cities like Scottsdale, Tucson, and Phoenix. Homeowners should worry about termites because they cause massive damage to the structure of a home in a very short time. Termites are not easy to find, adding to the problem.

An annual termites inspection ensures this pest doesn’t destroy your home before your eyes. Termites can live inside of your home for weeks, months, or even years undetected, all the while they damage the home. This results in hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair damages that termites cause.

Termites are beneficial to the ecosystem, but not to a homeowner who wants to protect their home. Termites eat the wood structure of the home searching for the cellulose found in wood. Between termite inspections, you can be sure your home is pest-free by a little DIY work.

Signs that termites might be in your home include:

  • Hollow-sounding wood.
  • Discarded wings
  • Mud tubes/ mud tunnels
  • Structural damage
  • Wood dust
  • Presence of excrement

This list is incomplete and other signs also suggest the presence of termites in your home. It is best that an annual inspection determine if termites are present at the home. You can immediately treat the problem if termites are found during the inspection.

Don’t think termites visit your home only during the summer. Summer is the most common time to see termites, but several different types of termites species can invade your home throughout the year.

Professionals offer several treatment options in the event termites are found at your home. The sooner the treatment is implemented, the less damage your home experiences, and the less expense you’ll pay for repairs. If termites are not found, you enjoy peace of mind as you protect the home from the serious damage they can cause.

If you need a termite inspection or termite control expert that can help call our Termite pros at Atomic Pest Control.

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