Dealing With Termites in Your Tempe Home: Termite Control Tempe

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Dealing With Termites in Your Tempe Home: Termite Control Tempe

Termites are destroyers, and they will eat away at your home. They form colonies, and their main food source is wood and construction material. Their diet makes your home a great source of food. Unfortunately, their constant snacking on the structure of your home causes many problems. Termite infestations are unpleasant and costly. Many people who have dealt with termites are left with expensive home repair bills after the termites are finally removed from the property.

Preventing Termites

Preventative measures are important when dealing with termites. As a home owner, you need to avoid the harmful results that a colony of termites can have on your house. Here are some great preventative measures you should be taking to keep your home termite free:

• Avoid wood flooring: Wood floors are one of the most common features of homes that have termites. Instead, stick with materials such as marble, tile, or laminates for flooring alternatives.
• Keep firewood outside: Fire wood is another attractant for termites. Bringing it inside gives termites a reason to invade your space.
• Keep your home clean: Cardboard, twigs, and wooden packaging attract termites. By keeping your home tidy, you tempt the termites a lot less.
• Yard maintenance: Keeping your yard well maintained helps keep termites away. Fallen leaves and twigs over your outdoor spaces give termites a great place to live, and this brings more colonies onto your property.

These tips can help reduce your risks. However, even with the best preventative actions, termites can still be a problem.

How to Spot a Termite Problem

Early detection of a termite infestation helps reduce the amount of damage these bugs can do. It also makes removal easier and more successful. Keep your eyes out for these signs of a termite problem in your home:

• Extra moisture: Termites bring in extra water to your home. Signs that mimic water damage, flood damage like discolored drywall, peeling paint, and buckling floor boards are concerning.
• Piles of wings: Piles of items looking like fish scales are often left behind by a swarm of termites.
• Holes and damage in wood: Furniture, walls, and trim often show the first signs of a termite infestation. Holes and tunnels are likely signs of a termite infestation.
• Wood pellets: Termites leave behind mounds of wood leftovers. These mounds usually resemble small piles of salt.

If you notice any of these signs, it is a good idea to have a professional come in and evaluate your home. They are trained to tell the type and severity of an infestation, and also have the skills to deal with the infestation.

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