Dealing With a Significant Termite Infestation

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Dealing With a Significant Termite Infestation

Sometimes a homeowner may not even realize they have a termite infestation until it has become substantial. If you already see termites inside of your home, it’s likely that there has been structural damage to some area. Termite management becomes more challenging the more termites there are — and when dealing with a large colony, it becomes important to do everything you can.

Treating the Exterior With Poison

Treating a significant termite infestation cannot start from inside of the home; it will only create a vacuum and termites will come from outside. Instead, it can be wise to start with treating the exterior first. Spikes can be driven into the ground around your house to both ward off termites and to signal when termites have been detected in the area.

Inspecting the Interior for Damage

Once the exterior has been treated, the interior should be treated by a professional termite company. Because termites cause such significant damage (and so fast), being treated by a professional is critical. Professionals have access to both special tools and chemicals, which will kill termites faster. After it’s ensured that the termites are gone, then the homeowner can begin full inspections and repairs. It’s possible that walls will need to be opened up and the structure of the home will need to be repaired.

Preventing the Termites from Coming Back

Termites are a natural part of any environment. They are going to be somewhere outside regardless; preventative measures are absolutely required to make sure that they don’t come back. Apart from treating the interior and exterior, you may want to engage in some preventative measures:

  • Schedule a regular pest control service. A regular pest control service is the best and easiest way to avoid getting infested again.
  • Treat the outside with environmentally-friendly pesticides. You can also self-treat your home with environmentally-friendly options such as diatomaceous earth — this should be used in addition to a pest control service, however, not to replace it.
  • Clear any brush and trees away from your home. Termites will find it more appealing to enter your home if there are bushes and trees resting against it. Clear a path around your home to reduce all types of pests.

A termite infestation can cost thousands of dollars, and this is why prevention is always better than treatment. If you believe that your home could be susceptible to termites, it’s best to call a professional now.

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